Well, that was sweaty.

I am not getting up at 4:00 am to run so 94 degrees at 7 pm it is. I got lost again. Lesson learned on where to turn around to avoid ending up on I-94. It was “only” 25 min and 2.7 miles. It felt like a freaking 10 miler. I even used my inhaler before I headed out, since I’m battling the end of an ear infection.

I seriously adore the neighborhood we ended up in. I feel like if had been further south/west/north, I wouldn’t love it quite so much. I really want to try to run to north ave beach, but the path isn’t shaded all the way there, so it’ll have to wait for milder weather.

My Dad is in for the 5 mile turkey trot in Columbus. The goal time is 43 minutes for me (a 2 min pr over my 27th birthday turkey trot). Last year, I was rehabbing from a torn hamstring which slowed me down (understatement of the year). This goal time also guarantees pumpkin pie. It might be 4 months away, but life is about to get crazy with weddings and football!!!